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Since the pandemic hit in 2020, some of you may face changes in work, or undergo a long-distance relationships with lovers. Anxiety and worries occupy our day-to-day lives.

That’s why I decide to created the “Candy Tarot”, so that anyone can easily use it as a gentle guidance when life gets hard.

Hi, I’m MIZ, an illustrator. The beginning of 2020 felt like the world was ending right before our eyes. All of a sudden, I felt an urge to pursue a dream through the rest of my arbitrary life.

Luckily, I met Jade, a tarot reader. She helped me get through this tough period of life confusion with the gentle power of tarot. Having experienced this healing power of tarot, I decided to create a new tarot pack combining my illustrations and Jade’s easy-to-read card meanings. We hope to make this experience more approachable and share the healing moments with everyone.





It has the sweetest and warmest features. That’s why we’ve named it the “Candy Tarot”.




– 80 cards (with 2 blank cards)
– Analysis booklet
– Card Case



Generally, tarot designs are quite moody and the analysis more complex. Beginners may feel intimidated without the help of an experienced tarot reader. Candy Tarot is made specially for you! It only takes 4 simple steps to give yourself a quick and clear reading.

After flipping the card, find the corresponding card in the booklet to read the card analysis.

May the Candy Tarot be your guide and accompany you through life’s twists and turns.

Please note: Upright and reversed tarot cards have different meanings.

These four symbols are printed on the card back and packaging.
They represent the four emotions we want to bring to you.

The analysis booklet includes a set of mood-boosting food illustrations.Get more of these in your diet to drive away a bad mood and enhance your health.





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